Makin’ Stuff Look Good in Unity with Shaders

Resources for game development and design can be found everywhere, but some are more helpful than others. Makin’ Stuff Look Good is one resource that has risen to the top of the pile, thanks to the work of creator and host Dan Moran.

BLOG-danmorantwitterIn his own words:

I’m a Unity developer and so can you!

[Makin’ Stuff Look Good] is where I’ll be posting videos I make that teach or show off techniques for getting the most out of your Unity games. Particles, shaders, image effects, juicy effects, and any other tricks I can dream up that take your game’s visual style from zero to hero.

In one of his first videos, there’s a solid overview of shaders and how to work pixel magic using Unity. Check it out below:


It’s a channel worth subscribing to, and we look forward to seeing more from Makin’ Stuff Look Good. Also follow @DanielJMoran for updates on his game project, Electronic Dance Mercenaries.


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  • On June 22, 2016