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Some of the best lessons in game development come from analysis of other people’s work. What we like best about Game Maker’s Toolkit host Mark Brown is the way he shows what we can learn from others; both from their success and their shortcomings.

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In his own words:

How does Half Life teach without tutorials? Why didn’t Capcom tell you that it was manipulating Resident Evil 4’s difficulty? How are Nintendo’s level designers inspired by Chinese poetry?

Find out, in Game Maker’s Toolkit…

His latest deep dive is on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – a highly anticipated franchise title released in June 2016. Unfortunately it wasn’t met with the expected enthusiasm, and some questioned the introduction of an open-world concept to a previously linear game.

This video takes a good look at which game could have provided a better blueprint:

The Game Maker’s Toolkit is a channel that’s definitely worth subscribing to, and you can follow creator Mark Brown for more gaming insights here. We look forward to more of his game design analysis!

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  • On June 28, 2016

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