Zelda Dungeon Design: A Link to the Past

Zelda is one of the most beloved gaming franchises, with games so beautifully designed that you almost lose yourself while playing. But the design itself deserves a closer look, and Mark Brown of the Game Maker’s Toolkit is setting out to give Zelda dungeons the credit they deserve.

In his series Boss Keys, Mark will analyze Zelda games one by one, starting with Zelda: A Link to the Past. For many gamers, this third offering is where Nintendo made its most memorable impact; but would you credit the dungeon design for its appeal?

This video makes a pretty compelling case:

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Next time, we’ll examine the second Boss Keys video on Link’s Awakening and the evolution of dungeon design in the Zelda series. If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing to the Game Maker’s Toolkit for more!


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  • On July 13, 2016