Procedural Generation in Moon Hunters

Game developers are often faced with a challenging decision: to hand-craft content for consistency, or use procedural generation content for variety. Moon Hunters, which was just released for the PS4, is a game that aims to strike a healthy balance between human and algorithm, with some beautiful results.

Moon Hunters GameMoon Hunters was one big step towards the kinds of games I dream of being in the world, and the positive response is very encouraging.

– Tanya Short, Captain at KitFox Games

Scope often dictates what can reasonably  be added to a game; but procedural generation can be the perfect complement to hand-crafted content. In the GDC 2016 talk below, Tanya Short of Moon Hunters and Tam Adams of Dwarf Fortress dive into how they use procedural narrative generation to craft a better player experience.

If you enjoyed her panel, then check out our interview with Tanya X. Short in our Get to Know a GameDev series! You can also check out a more detailed write up of this presentation at Gamasutra, and the bookmarked version in the GDC Vault. If you’re curious to try the game, Moon Hunters is available now on Steam, Gog, PS4 and coming soon to PS Vita.

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  • On July 22, 2016