Zelda Dungeon Design: Ocarina of Time

In many ways, 3D games offer a richer world that makes players feel free to explore. Zelda’s first 3D title certainly felt big, but made notable changes in its gameplay. Mark Brown of the Game Maker’s Toolkit breaks it all down in his third Boss Keys video featuring N64’s critically acclaimed Ocarina of Time.

Zelda Ocarina MaskThis influential title explores verticality like never before, and elaborate camera controls allow players to feel the expanse of the game. Dungeon layouts are also quite different, especially when compared to previous Zelda designs.

The Boss Keys video below shows how design features like game exploration and achievement structures differ in Ocarina of Time; and not always for the better:

Mark Brown has uncovered some great design insights in his research into The Legend of Zelda dungeons. Be sure to check out his previous two videos on A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more from Mark, consider subscribing to the Game Maker’s Toolkit.


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  • On August 09, 2016

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