How Games Move Us: Emotion By Design

Some developers strive to create games that evoke strong emotions, and even social behaviours not often attributed to games. mediaXstanford continues their Interactive Media & Games Seminar Series with a great talk on How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design.

Professor Katherine Isbister has spent her career focusing on computers and human interaction, as well as the prejudices surrounding games. Even among developers, she sees that there’s tension around the value of games that are purely driving emotion (‘walking simulators’) versus more traditional interaction. In this presentation, Prof. Isbister highlights some great examples as she explores the idea of design choices that affect us emotionally; particularly the question, ‘Can a computer make you cry?’

Check out the entire talk below:

We’ve really enjoyed this series, especially the Spring semester starting with A Practical Pedagogy of Game Design. We’re also excited to see what mediaXstanford will brings this Fall as the Interactive Media & Games Seminar Series continues!

How Games Move Us emotion


Speaker Bio:
Katherine Isbister is a Professor of Computational Media, and core faculty in the Center for Games and Playable Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She was the founding research director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU, and a founding faculty member of the NYU Game Center.

Isbister’s research focuses on designing games and other interactive experiences that heighten social and emotional connections, toward innovating design theory and technological practice. Isbister has written several books about game design, most recently How Games Move Us from MIT Press.

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  • On September 09, 2016

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