Using the Force of Animation in UX Choreography

jedi unicorn UI animation

The choreography behind a savoury UX experience can be tricky to explain, but Capital One Creative Director Kit Oliynyk does a great job. In his talk Jedi Principles of UI Animation, Kit unveils a fantastic Star Wars analogy for strong UX using (appropriately enough) the 12 basic principles of animation developed by Disney’s Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson.

We’ve looked at how these principles can make games better, but there’s much more to solid UX than meets the eye. In this concise presentation, Kit does a great job of sorting UX elements into 3 categories which, when in canonical harmony, create the force behind great UI animation.

Functional: Solving the user’s need first.
Material: Designing consistent UI layers for meaningful transitions.
Delightful: Giving it love, so the user will love your product back!

Presented at FITC’s Spotlight UX, this video joins Kit part-way through as he explains the Jedi Principles of UI Animation (with fantastic, often hilarious examples):

If you’re looking for more detail on the Jedi Principles of UI Animation, check out Kit’s (very well) written version of this talk on Medium. For more information on FITC events, check out their calendar here.

And next time someone asks you to make your UX more oily? Just use the force.


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  • On September 30, 2016

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