Overwatch: How A Hero Is Mei-d

Overwatch has become one of the most popular games in recent memory, thanks in no small part to the rich characterization of its key figures. From Ana to Zarya and beyond, the heroes of Overwatch are more than simply fun to play; they represent the kind of diversity and individuality that players crave in their game experience.

Crafting characters that are both playable and meaningful is an art in itself, and a huge part of successful game development. In this talk from the GDC Vault, Blizzard’s David Gibson takes us through the process for creating Mei, the beloved icy scientist of Overwatch fame. He also reveals how some of the character animations take shape, and what design elements help to create a more meaningful connection between fictional characters and the players themselves.

There’s no question that the characters of Overwatch are one of the game’s strongest elements, both in terms of design and execution; and Mei is just one example.

Who is your favourite character in Overwatch? Do any of these design principles explain their appeal, or inspire you to take the characters even further? If nothing else, the wealth of Overwatch fan art is a sure sign that this game is getting characterization right.

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  • On October 19, 2016