Expert Level Analysis of Video Game Difficulty

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Game developers often struggle to hit the sweet spot when it comes to difficulty of play. Too easy, and the player isn’t motivated to put in the effort; too difficult, and they can become frustrated and give up. Determining how hard to make your game is no easy task, and many titles resort to offering different levels of difficulty for the player to choose from just to make sure the experience feels right. But how do you know when you’ve made your game hard enough?

Game Soup spent some time analyzing this very question, and offers a pretty comprehensive overview of what makes a game feel hard and fun at the same time. This video won’t necessarily dictate your game’s degree of challenge, but it shows many different ways that developers can both temper and turn up the level of difficulty.

Check out these techniques that can help create a more dynamically challenging experience for the player:

Although some games have gained notoriety thanks to how hard they are to beat, putting massively challenging elements into your game might not be the way to win over players. There’s something to be said for scaling up, setting a learning curve, and even allowing the players to adjust their own level of skill through the experience.

Game difficulty can be tricky, but when a game gets it right it can provide an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience for the player. What video games hit the sweet spot when it comes your preferred level of game difficulty? Have you seen any examples of mitigating how hard the gameplay is that aren’t mentioned in this video? Let us know; we’d love to hear your examples!

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  • On October 28, 2016