Zelda Dungeon Design: The Minish Cap

Zelda Minish CapWe’re excited to see Mark Brown of the Game Maker’s Toolkit has a new Boss Keys instalment, this time featuring the 2004’s The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Mark’s Boss Keys series is part of his ongoing research into dungeon design featuring Zelda titles, and this particular Zelda entry for the Gameboy advance has some unique concepts to explore.

The most notable difference in The Minish Cap is Link’s shrinking ability, which also gives rise to new areas (including dungeons) played entirely in ‘Minish’ size. Additionally, Link can split himself into multiple selves which lends to different puzzle and dungeon configurations.

The design often feels close to early Zelda games, so in this video Mark lays out 4 “questions” to help differentiate and categorize dungeon types based on style and structure. This is especially useful when considering how to motivate a player’s curiosity and urge for exploration, which can be applied to any game.

Watch as Mark Brown of the Game Maker’s Toolkit breaks it all down in his latest Boss Keys video featuring The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap:

We’re big fans of Mark Brown, and enjoy his design insights into The Legend of Zelda dungeons. Be sure to check out his other videos and, if you enjoyed this and want to see more from Mark, consider subscribing to the Game Maker’s Toolkit.


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  • On December 02, 2016