Dreaming Big with Roomscale VR

FITC Google CardboardEven though VR is essentially the new black, it brings some interesting challenges to both development and delivery of true virtual reality experiences. Roomscale VR, where a game experience feels bigger than the real space, is achievable but also impractical; which is where innovation in VR design must step up and help suspend disbelief.

Presented at FITC’s Spotlight AR/VR event, the presentation below looks at examples of Roomscale VR. John Bolton of Globacore talks about the challenges of VR, like how you should never have a drink in hand while supervising a VR escape tomb. He also looks at how several projects have experimented with ways to scale up the size and impact of VR for consumers.

Most impressively, John shows that through clever experimentation and design, VR examples suggest that we’re moving away from “the tethered” experience and towards the dream of a true Holodeck.

For more great examples of how experiential technology like VR is being used in large scale, check out this piece on AR in Public Spaces and Museums. You may also want to check out Globacore, an agency that specializes in games and interactive experiences for brands; and has lots of fun stumbling over the challenges of developing in VR.

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  • On December 13, 2016