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In our Get to Know a Game Dev series, we’ve spoken to some incredibly talented individuals from within the game development community. We get to hear fascinating stories from the trenches of indie dev, while being introduced to unique game projects that reflect the diversity of the industry. Looking back, it’s a perfect time to highlight some games worth getting to know from developers we’ve featured. If you’re looking for something new to play, these games make it easy to appreciate the skill and dedication involved in bringing them to life.

Tanya X. Short was our first ever Get to Know a GameDev interview, and is probably best known as one of the leads behind the mythical adventure game, Moon Hunters. An expansion pack was recently released, for those who might have played before.


Toronto-based Benjamin Rivers might be best know for his first hit game Home, an unsettling horror mystery set in a pixellated world. Don’t miss his newest game Alone With You, a sci fi narrative that’s also been well received.


Another Toronto-based developer we really enjoyed interviewing was Alex Bethke, who has made over 100 video games including Fate Tectonics and the episodic LGBTQ dating game, LongStory.


Co-founder and public face of Axon Interactive, Tabby Rose is working on a beautiful game called Quench. The story-driven puzzle game coming out this Fall is already winning awards and looks stunning.


For William Chyr, installation artist turned game developer, game dev is a true art form. Over the past 4 years he’s been working on Manifold Garden, a game that can only be described as an artistic journey.


We were also thrilled to speak with Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns of Metanet Software, famous for their platformer and the newest N++ which is now almost 12 years in the making. With a level editor and tons of fan community engagement, there is more to this game than a simple platform hyper shooter.


And finally, from Igor Davin‘s Id&aL (Ideal) Editions studio based in France, let’s not forget Backdrafts where you play an adorable dragon protecting his gold. It’s designed with a rich marketing strategy that includes mass localization and cross-platform touch points – and a cute mascot 😉


We have been fortunate to feature these and many more talented game devs so far on the GameDev Cafe so far, including an incredible diversity of original games. If you or someone you know is working in games and has a unique project to share, please let us know by suggesting them for a feature! We look forward to meeting more of the game dev community this year, and expect to have a huge handful of new games worth getting to know very soon.



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  • On January 09, 2017