Game PR Essentials for GDC (and Beyond)

Videogame conference season is upon us with GDC 2017 coming up fast – it will be our first at GameDev Cafe, and we’re very excited! Some game devs attend GDC to promote a project or new launch, while others are building awareness of their studio or personal brand. However one thing should be a universal focus when attending any major industry event: the need for game PR and a solid public relations plan.


Game PR is an important part of catching the public’s attention and key to attracting press and media coverage during events. Putting together a purposeful PR plan is crucial, but can also be tricky; especially if you’ve never done it before or aren’t used to self-promotion. Thankfully, there’s a GDC session for that.

The GDC Next session below, PR 101: Essentials for the Public Eye offers solid fundamentals that apply to anyone in games, and a great list to prep for this year’s GDC conference. Presented by fortyseven Communications founder Sibel Sunar, it’s the “broadest possible PR talk you can imagine,” but explores solid PR best practices for your game, studio and personal brand. Perhaps most importantly it helps outline just what PR really is, and what it can do for your professional network and brand reputation.


We’ll be looking at more PR, promotions and community engagement practices leading up to this year’s games conferences; perfect for building your studio or professional brand, and especially if you’re launching something new. Feel free to ask us any questions you have via @thegamedevcafe.

Are you attending GDC 2017 or another upcoming games conference? So are we! And we’re looking for interesting game devs, studios and projects to feature on the GameDev Cafe! Get in touch and let us know; it’s a good part of any PR strategy 🙂


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  • On January 16, 2017