Forget That Advice, Indie Games Are Different Now

The future of games is never static and it’s hard to fix an opinion on such a rapidly moving target. This is especially true when it comes to giving indie advice to others who want to break into game dev. In this refreshing panel from GDC, four of the dev community’s trusted leaders share their insight on how indie is different now, and why they are forced to change some of their previous advice. Ultimately it’s a panel about regret, and adjusting the way that we offer advice in the games industry.

Star Wars RegretGame designer Lisa Brown kicks off this frank discussion about the realities of indie game development. Joined by Dan Cook, Liz England, Rami Ismail, all well-known sources of sage indie game advice, they each make some apt amendments to their previously dispensed game dev wisdom. From overcoming impostor syndrome, to building a portfolio and even sustaining a business, this talk from the GDC Vault covers a huge range of topics. And it probably has some of the best bad advice you’ll ever get as a games developer trying to make it in the industry (today).

Have you ever gotten advice from someone that just didn’t apply anymore? We’d love to hear about your experience breaking into games and some of the best (or worst) advice you’ve ever gotten as an indie developer!


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  • On April 11, 2017