Game Dev Stream on Meditative Puzzle Game Circles

The Game Dev Cafe has been featuring various games over on our Twitch channel including Circles, a highly unique, mediative puzzle game from indie developer Jeroen Wimmers. One of our stand out faves from this year’s Independent Games Festival Awards, Circles is an incredibly well-designed Flash game that has been featured at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC and several other major gaming conferences; but it plays best in a quiet environment, where you can be alone with your sense of curiosity and experimentation.

Our editor and resident streamer Corina recently sat down to play some Circles and chat with Jeroen Wimmers, the Dutch game dev who spent the last two years working on this unique title.

Watch now to learn more about how the indie puzzle game Circles was built, tested and refined:

Circles is certainly one of the more intuitive and enjoyable independent video games we’ve encountered so far, and it’s also on sale this week. We look forward to streaming more game play with the game developers on Twitch – if you know a game/game dev we should feature, let us know!

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  • On May 15, 2017