Let’s Play TOjam 12 Games

The 12th annual Toronto Game Jam or TOjam delivered on its massive dev talent, producing some great games around the theme “prepare for disappointment”. The annual game jam brings a few hundred, generally local game devs (with a few exceptions, like Jarryd from Ohio,) together for a hardcore weekend of game making at the George Brown campus. In the organizers’ own words, TOjam is “a pressure cooker that strengthens (or destroys) friendships, produces amazing games, and breeds goats.” – and if you’re wondering what that even means, just watch our play through videos and see for yourself.

First, we take a look at some of the games that were recommended to us at the event itself. We met quite a few devs on site and it was exciting to see their projects come to life in such a short time. Jelly Jelly, The Peak, Crime and Punishment, Tales from the Crypt Sweeper, Recipe GIF: The Game, EscarGolf and Tanks for the Memories are all part of the ‘TOJam Let’s Play’ video below:

Soon after this play through ‘aired’ we were invited to give The Peak, a game created by Ubisoft Indie Series winners Reptoid Games, another try: could we actually reach the peak/end of the game? Challenge accepted! But funny enough, what we actually found was a secret (?) ending and a small existential crisis; all well in line with the theme of this year’s TOjam.

Wee also had to do one more play through of the game SQUARE, a fun little platformer inspired by one of our favourite (Canadian!) movies: CUBE. If you haven’t seen this movie, you must! As for the game, it’s simple, challenging and a little addictive. Also the developer confirmed you CAN jump, so we’ll be going back to (try to) conquer this game soon:


Special thanks to all the teams involved in TOjam, particularly those who made the games featured in the above videos! If we missed an awesome game that deserves a closer look, just mention it in the comments or tweet @thegamedevcafe so we can check it out. Also a big thanks to the Toronto Game Jam organizers and volunteers – looking forward to TOjam 13!



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  • On June 06, 2017